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Preschool Speech and Language Services Sudbury Manitoulin 

Wordplay Jeux de mots Preschool Speech and Language Service provides a full range of accessible speech/language services to preschool children from birth to the time they start school. Services are provided in English and French. Clinics are located in Sudbury, Espanola, Little Current, St. Charles and Chapleau. Wordplay Jeux de mots Preschool Speech and Language Services are a component of the Ontario Preschool Speech and Language Program Initiative.

Services Offered

Our family centered therapy services includes assessments, consultations, parent training, home programs, individual and group therapy. The parent/caregiver is present during all appointments. Therapy focuses on helping the parent/caregiver learn how to help the child in naturalistic environments.

We also provide childcare consultations, Community In-services, Public Awareness and Education programs.

Referral Process:

Parents/caregivers, healthcare providers or other professionals working with preschool children in Sudbury/Manitoulin can refer if there is a concern regarding any of the following prior to entering school:

  • Speech/articulation
  • Expressive language (vocabulary, grammar)
  • Receptive language (following directions, answering questions)
  • Stuttering
  • Autism/Social communication
  • Voice
  • Resonance

There is no cost to the families and physician referrals are not required.

Referrals can be made below or through a toll free number 1-877-522-6655 or by calling locally:

Chapleau 705-864-0860
Espanola 705-869-1564
Manitoulin 705-368-2002
Sudbury 705-522-6655

Speech Language Services Referral

Wordplay Jeux de mots provides Speech Language Services for preschool children only.

Is your child in school?

Please note that your referral will be forwarded to Neo Kids CTC if they are eligible for services at that site.

About 1 in 10 children need help in developing speech and language skills. Strong speech and language skills help develop reading readiness, academic achievement, social interaction and overall health.

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